Welcome on the forum of guild Victorians of Gamer District. If you wish to join this guild please read apply section and post a reply according to example given.
Welcome on the forum of guild Victorians of Gamer District. If you wish to join this guild please read apply section and post a reply according to example given.
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Guild forum of the guild Victorians on server Gamer district, offering guild raids and DKP system.
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 Basic raid rules

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Basic raid rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic raid rules   Basic raid rules EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 4:59 pm

Oke, this section will be devoted to raid rules, how to act in raid, how not and all the stuff around it.

First and most important rule is to listen to leader because as i already said he's the one to choose boss order/strategy/etc;
it is not prohibited to disagree with leader since he's man like everyone else and he may and also does mistakes. But, be polite in any possible discussion and at the end you have to accept his decision.

Same goes for his assistants and if you have some question that you want to ask personally turn on them before whispering leader since from my personal experience it's more probable to get any respond since leader's chat is usually full by other things. When trying to make him change his mind be polite or remain silent.

Leader is also the one who explains all strategies unless stated otherwise which means that at time of buffing in front of boss don't spam chat with your opinions, if you have something to say ask leader/assistants and you may be pointed out as the one to explain strategy.

There is no AFKing in raid - ok I have to say this because everyone expects it but we all have real life so let's talk serious now Very Happy. If you have to go AFK let leader know about it and about the probable time it will take. AFKing without letting leader know will lead to decrease of DKP points and eventually kick from raid/guild if continual. ( you can find more about this in DKP rules section ). Other very important thing i would like to mention when speaking about AFK is AFKing right after wipe. Seriously guys, ressing takes like 2 minutes, don't go AFK for 10 because you think you have time. I hate this most and punishments will be the greatest Very Happy.

Only English is allowed in raid chat but that is clear I hope to everyone. This is same for TS3 ( for TS3 rules see ). For guild raids you also have to be registered in here so you can receive your points after each raid.

All people on raid must know strategies for bosses, you can find them on forum though I'm too lazy to add link, go and search for it. If you don't understand something ask responsible people they are there to help, it's better to look like a noob than wipe us on boss and look like a noob Very Happy.

Don't join if you don't have time to finish raid and count always with fer wipes please Very Happy. Don't spam meters during rolls/bids you have enough time to do it afterwards.

And the last thing but not least is that raids ARE NOT DPS CONTEST, I truly don't give a flying crack whether you reach 9k DPS or stay at 7.5K if you do as you are told.

Thanks for attention and trust me, it was as much tiresome to write as it is to read Very Happy Very Happy.

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Basic raid rules
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