Welcome on the forum of guild Victorians of Gamer District. If you wish to join this guild please read apply section and post a reply according to example given.
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Guild forum of the guild Victorians on server Gamer district, offering guild raids and DKP system.
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 Guild information

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PostSubject: Guild information   Guild information EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 8:37 pm

Hey every1,
as you as probably know we are new guild on this server and we were created when some of us found out that this server misses something we had found on another. I would call the reason pity sentiment but anyway we used name Victorians because that is a guild in which we were during our play times on Crogges server and so here we are.

Right before leaving Crogges i had a plan to make DKP system for that guild and that plan is still here and finally i can realize it since we will soon have enough players for this, which reminds me to tell you to have a look on Very Happy:D

Our long term plans are quite clear and even if not so astonishing, we would like to complete them. Those include increase of our numbers as well as skills and the most important to have a fun and someone to chat with of course.

So, welcome everyone, please make sure you have registered here and please read all topics included in PvE section in order for you to be able to raid with us.

And for non-raiders : Welcome and For the Horde
Very Happy Very Happy

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Guild information
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