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 TS3 communication

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PostSubject: TS3 communication   TS3 communication EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 9:05 pm

Hey peeps,

one of many things you have to do in order to become part of the raid in this guild, i know that requirements are high but i just hate sucky raids, is that you have to have TS3, team speak 3, so we can communicate verbally.

I know that you might not be so good in English but it is enough even if u can only understand things like : attack fucking boss etc., you won't be forced to say anything but it is a must to have so raid leaders won't be forced to type as much.

Ok small guidance how to do this, go to page where you can download specific TS3 version for your operating system.

Next step will be installation and I hope every1 can do that on his/her own so I will move to part about connection.

After actual start of TS3 go to connection and press connect or just use Ctrl+S and to address insert : and port set to 9987, then press connect and you should be connected into this server.

Next thing to do is to connect to our channel which is called Victorians - GD and can be found in Area 9. This area can be found by scrolling downwards through channels to roughly 3/4 of the scrolling panel.

Then double-click on name of our channel and password window should appear, password for this channel is blacktemple.

Once you are in you have only one more thing to do and that is to keep English all the time, if you want to chat with your friends there you can create your own temporary channel, how this can be done is explained somewhere on the top of channels.

Ok by now you should be joined and now you have to configure your TS3, I will let you to do changes as you wish but one thing is must and that is push-to-talk option. This is in settings, options and capture. Mark push to talk option and set your key, now we will hear you only when you will be holding set key.

Thanks for your attention and I hope next time we will be able to talk and not to write Very Happy, cya on TS3.

Joining is must for raiders ...

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TS3 communication
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